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A silence night…

The pear flowers and full moon are overlapping…

The moon light flow down into the flowers.

조용한 밤… 보름달과 배꽃이 겹쳐지면서 꽃 사이로 달빛이 들이워진 형상을 표현하였다. 

Design : Listen communication Co., Ltd. / Designer  SangYoon KIM

Nakjukgangdo : JunHyeok HAN

Material : Bamboo , Hanji , AL , LED

Use: Lighting stand

Size : 31 × 15.5 × H 45cm

​Completed : Dec. 2014

Photographer : JaeYoon KIM  


2015 ,A' DESIGN AWARDS (Winner/Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design)_  ITALY



본 제품은 디자인 권리 및 보호를 위하여 실용신안 등록되었습니다.

This work is registered for design copyright protection.

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