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Creative Director  Sangyoon Kim 



​Sangyoon Kim is a Korean architect and designer.
In 2013 he founded Listen Communication: a Seoul-based interior architecture and design studio.
They specialize in designing and producing branded spaces for residential and commercial throughout interiors, architecture, furniture, and lighting. Sangyoon Kim draws inspiration from the physical area of Korea and strives to reinterpret its traditional beauty within spaces and products. His recent collaborated works with masters from various fields of the industry demonstrate the convergence of past and present, illustrating what is possible in the future ahead of us.


2021  A+Firm Awards Finalist / New York , U.S.A.

2020  Korean Minister of Culture,Sports and Tourism  Award / 문화체육관광부 장관상  , KOREA

2019  " it " Award  공간환경디자인 부문 대상  , KOREA

2018  Korea Interior Design Best Award   "명가명인상 " , KOREA

2017  Art & Craft Design Awards (Jury's Prize), CROATIA  

2017  Golden Scale Best Design Award, KOSID / 한국실내건축가 협회, KOREA

2016  Global Design Awards (Products : Silver Award), HKDA,HONG KONG

2016  Global Design Awards (Judge's Choice), HKDA, HONG KONG

2016  International Design Awards,IDA U.S.A.

​2015  Selection of Good Design Korea, KIDP, KOREA

​2015  A' Design Awards (Silver Award /Furniture and Homeware Design) ITALY

​2015  A' Design Awards (Bronze Award /Lighting Products and Projects Design) ITALY

​2015  A' Design Awards (Winner/Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design) ITALY

2014  Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (Silver Award) APIDA, HONG KONG

2014  The Spark 8th Annual International Awards (SPARK ! 대상/ Space Part) U.S.A.

2014  Golden Scale Best Design Award, KOSID / 한국실내건축가 협회, KOREA

Selected Exhibition

2023  Jinju Traditional Crafts Biennale 2023 / Thematic Exhibition, 주제관 / Today's Craft and Tomorrow's Tradition  , JINJU

2021  Craft Trend Fair 2021_ K-Maestro , Wha Yeon / K-마에스트로관  "화연",국립국악원 / Coex Seoul. KOREA

2020  Into The Forest / 아티스트 22인 전시 / 노들섬 / 22 artists exhibition , Seoul. KOREA

2020  Achille Castiglioni & brothers. Master of Italian Design  X Korean artist collaboration /예술의 전당, Seoul. KOREA

2019   Korean  Life Aesthetics / 생활미학 / 한,필 수교 70주년 기념 한국공예전 Manila. PHILIPPINES

2019   Craft Trend Fair 2019_ 생활 속 전승공예전 , 국립무형유산원 ,National Intangible Heritage Center , Seoul. KOREA

2018   Craft Trend Fair 2018_ Marriage/ 혼인 Seoul. KOREA

2017   Craft Trend Fair 2017_SMART X CRAFT/ 주제관 / Theme Pavilion Participating Artists , Seoul. KOREA

2017   Venice Design 2017-Venice Art Biennale, Plazzo Michiel,  Venice, ITALY

2016   Maison & Objet, PARIS

2016   Venice Design 2016-Venice Architecture Biennale, Plazzo Michiel,  Venice, ITALY

2016   Triennale di Milano - Making is Thinking is Making - New Korean,  Milano, ITALY

2016   ​Beijing Design Week 2016_Guest City Seoul,  Beijing, CHINA

2016   ​Busan Design Festival 2016_ Designer’s Choice,  Busan, KOREA

2016   Seoul Design Festival 2016, COEX,  Seoul, KOREA

2016   Wood joinery, the talent of Korea, Seoul, KOREA

2015   Time after Time- Traditional crafts are Designed tot, Gana Insa Art Center,  Seoul, KOREA

2015   Mood- Museum of Design,  Como, ITALY

2015   The craft makes our daily life, Cheongwadae Sarangchae,  Seoul , KOREA

2014   Tied-Craft Trend fair 2014, COEX,  Seoul, KOREA

2014   China International Industrial Design Fair,  Shenzhen, CHINA

Membership of IFI (International Federation of Interior Architect & Designers)

Membership of APSDA (Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance)

Membership of KOSID (Korean Society of Interior Architect & Designers)

Membership of KIID (Korea Institute of Interior Design)

Adjunct Professor, College of Design, Hansung University

2022  2022 Craft Trend Fair  한국문화재재단 공간 디렉터 /Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation Exhibition Director , Seoul. KOREA

2019  2019 Craft Trend Fair  쇼케이스관 디렉터 /Artistic Director of Showcase Hall , Seoul. KOREA

2018  서울, 세종시 국무총리실 아트디렉터 / Prime Minister's Office Art Director , KOREA

2017  "Who's Who in Visual Art - 아티스트  & 디자이너 100인 선정 , GERMANY

2016  신세계 명인명장, ' 한수 ' 기획전 공간디렉터 , Seoul. KOREA

2016  한국 콘텐츠관 공간디랙터 , Korean Contents Center Space Director Seoul. KOREA

2014  공예트랜드페어 "결" 전시 공간 디렉터 , Seoul. KOREA

(주) 리슨커뮤니케이션 대표

현) 한성대학교 디자인대학 ICT 디자인학부 객원교수

현) 한국실내디자인학회 위원장 (KIID)

전) 한국실내건축가협회 이사 (KOSID)

세계실내건축가협회 (IFI)

아시아태평양공간디자이너협회 (APSDA)

김포문화재단 자문위원

국민대학교 디자인대학원 실내설계전공




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