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Woori Bank  / 자산관리.기업금융 프리미엄센터 


 Designer  SangYoon KIM

Collabolation : Artist Kimsu

Photographer  : JaeYoon KIM 

Area : 830.17 m2 /251.12 py

Completed  : Mar. 2023

  The Seoul Digital Premium Finance Center, located within the Seoul Digital Industrial Complex, the largest industrial complex in Korea, is a flagship store that provides premium services specialized to wealthy people.
This space is an offline channel that provides Woori Bank's top-notch services, providing comprehensive financial services with enhanced corporate finance and asset management expertise tailored to the region's characteristics.
Upon entering the entrance of this space, you will face a long lounge embracing the blue sea. It is a space where the designer's will to restore the human mind and revive the inherent energy through the nature in the space stands out.
The dark blue traces left intact by the waves and the small birds that seem to fly away at any moment greet visitors sitting on the rocks.
Visitors will have the experience of assimilating with nature for a while in a space where the sound of the waves and the chirping of birds harmonize.
The fan objet, which looks like overlapping seashells on one wall, shows the craftsman's sincerity by delicately trimming bamboo.
Consultation and work with customers are conducted in a privately specialized individual consultation space, tailored to each customer.
Contrasting with the lounge space, this space is finished with wood and provides the comfort of nature, which is opposite to the lounge.

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