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 설치된 부채는 현대사회에서 사라져 가는 부채를 개량형으로 만든 작업의 결과물로

부채의 견고함을 위해 수작업으로 제작된 수많은 대나무 살을 덧댄 장인의 마음에 빛을 담아 표현한 작업이다.


 The installed fixture has developed from a hand fan that is disappearing in modern society. There are countless numbers of bamboo strings attached to the fan for reinforcement. The effort of the artisan's handmade work is expressed with light.

Design : Listen communication Co., Ltd. / Designer  SangYoon KIM

Collaboration with No. 10 National Intangible Cultural Property  (Seonjajang) Chung ik  JO

Use:  Artwork

Size: 954 x H 1,735 x  70

Photographer : JaeYoon KIM

​Completed : Oct. 2020



본 제품은 디자인 권리 및 보호를 위하여 실용신안 등록되었습니다.

This work is registered for design copyright protection.

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