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Hwa Won / 화원 / 花園

I hope that the beauty of Korean culture will spread to the hearts of many other people

through the space just as the smell of flowers flow in the wind everywhere. 

꽃 냄새가 바람을 타고 사방으로 퍼저 나가듯

이 공간을 통해 우리의 멋스러움이 다른 많은 이들의 마음속으로 퍼져나가기를 희망한다.

Client : Asia Culture Center  / 국립아시아문화전당


Location : 38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea

Area : 323.91㎡ / 98.15PY   

Design : Listen communication Co., Ltd. / Designer  SangYoon KIM   

Completed : Oct. 2018 

Photographer : JaeYoon KIM 


2018 Korea Interior Design Best Award  "名家名人賞수상

2020  Korean Minister of Culture,Sports and Tourism  Award  / 문화체육관광부 장관상 수상

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